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Important Terms and Conditions

  1. All the pet passports and paperwork is the responsibility of the customer. Any inaccuracies in passports and paperwork may potentially cause delays in the transportation and even the cancellation of the trip. In this instance, the customer still have to pay.

  2. All necessary vaccinations must be completed prior to We Deliver Pets collecting the pet.
  3. Pets must be free from infestations of fleas. If fleas do affect other pets on the journey, it may result in the owner being charged.
  4. If a pet becomes ill whilst being transported, the animal may be taken to the vet and the owner will be liable for any costs that are incurred.
  5. We deliver Pets does not take responsibility of the death of any pets due to illness and the customer will be liable for incurred costs.
  6. The customer will pay any costs that may be incurred at customs.
  7. The customer will be liable to pay any costs incurred if a pet attacks and injures members of staff or any other pets whilst on route.
  8. A deposit is required when the booking is made. The deposit is non-refundable.
  9. The remaining balance is due within seven days before the date of travel.
  10. Pet travel insurance must be taken out; otherwise owners may be liable to pay costs for issues not included in insurance policies.
  11. We Deliver Pets cannot be held responsible for the illness or death of a pet on route and will not be responsible for any costs that may incur.
  12. Occasionally certain facilities such as cameras may become inactive due to a loss of network signal or a mechanical breakdown. We Deliver Pets are not liable for any equipment/facilities that are withdrawn.
  13. In the case of emergencies, we may rely on external pet transportation companies but cannot guarantee the facilities offered by such companies. However, we do vet any external companies we use.
  14. If a pet has any specific medical or dietary requirements, this must be discussed prior to the trip being booked.
  15. All pets in our care will have fresh water and will be fed regularly throughout the journey. Customers may provide their own food for their pet.
  16. Dogs will have regular toilet stops and will be walked at regular intervals throughout the journey.
  17. If a pet has any specific requirements, a customer must say so prior to the booking being made.
  18. Any delay to the journey caused by the customer, may result in additional charges being made.
  19. We Deliver Pets cannot be held responsible for any delay made to journeys caused by traffic delays, civil disputes or civil unrest.
  20. If you pet is being transported from the UK your transportation costs must be paid in pounds. If your pet’s journey originated from the EU your transportation costs must be paid in Euros.
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  22. We are fully insured to a maximum of £1,000 per dog for any accident of injury caused by neglect by ourselves only. Any legal action either for us or against us will be dealt with in English law only. The maximum claim amount is £1,000, subject to insurance approval.